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Yes, that is the NOAA Ship PEIRCE, above! Built for the U.S. Coast & Geodetic Survey (now the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration), she was commissioned on 6 May 1963 in Mobile, AL, and decommissioned on 1 May 1992 in Norfolk, VA. Peter Carnahan (the ship's last Master and Engineer) tells us that the NOAA Ship PEIRCE was donated to the Intrepid Museum in NYC in 1992. It was subsequently purchased by a private owner in 1999, and has "found her port" in Jacksonville, FL.
PORT (Peirce On-line Resource Testbeds) is a model collaboratory, with testbeds primarily dedicated to creating a digital resource of Charles S. Peirce's manuscripts at Harvard's Houghton Library. PORT's testbed participants are committed to the general concept of continuous improvement of resources for academic research and learning applications. PORT members are a multidisciplinary group of resource scholar-users in partnership with computer-based technology developers. PORT is a response to the uncertainty of how to conduct collaborative digital resource development on the Web. Our purpose is to encourage and support learning by participation and experimentation in response to the many circumstances (technical, economic, social, and behavioral) that collaboratory testbed operation entails.

PORT Workshops

PORTAGE Discussion, ICCS2006, Aalborg, Denmark

PORT Workshop, ICCS2005, Kassel, Germany

Added Information for the Workshop

PORT Workshop, ICCS2004, Huntsville, Alabama

Report from the Workshop

Slide Show Introduction


Imaging Peirce - Peirce's writings

Imaging Peirce - IMAGE A

Imaging Peirce - IMAGE B

Peirce Manuscript Test Images

There are four dozen or so additional images of Peirce manuscript pages (deposited in Harvard's Houghton Library), which may be inspected at random.

Most of these images, which were captured with the Kontron ProgRes3012 digital video camera, are in jpeg-compressed format (120 - 160KB). There are three original tiff images -- beware! -- are 21MB each.

Other Testbed Projects and Test Mirror Sites

Other sites and projects (at Kentucky, Rutgers, Washington, Michigan, and elsewhere) can be found through the ACCORD (Academic Community for Coordinating On-line Resource Development) Home Page.

There is also a set of mirror sites for this testbed project:

Testbed Tools Being Considered for Evaluation

A set of tools that work over the document images are beginning to be built. These tools have different functionalities and will help with different aspects of the testing process.

Testbed Developers Background Documents

We are interested in your and we seek potential partners and collaborators.

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