Pragmatic Support for Collaborative Inquiry
ICCS 2005

Added Information for Tutorials

Trikonic (|>*k) - Added information

PowerPoint Presentation - "trikonic"

A very nice PowerPoint presentation was given by Gary Richmond on a design for a system for implementing the Peirce concept of "Thirdness".

GRASS system Home Page

Aldo deMoor's GRASS document system will be used to report on our group inquiry.

Layout of the Tools

Heather Pfeiffer then gave an outline of what tools are currently available to use on the PORT project and how they may be laid out and were communication is needed.

MRG Images

People Involved in the Workshop

Organizing the Workshop

The organizing committee includes:
Gary Richmond
Aldo deMoor
Mary Keeler
Heather Pfeiffer

Contact for further information

Anyone interested should contact Gary Richmond( )