Layout of Port Testbed Tools

We would like to look at how the tools can work together and communicate while recognizing that there needs to be a two way street between the User <-------------> Developer.

Therefore, we will look at the tools from a "top down" approach. That is, tools that help (or will help) the user abstract out their conceptual ideas or designs, will be the beginning tools. Then we will work towards the tools that are concrete or designed for implementation, testing and evaluation. That is tools that are "developed" to test the abstract ideas in the machine.

The tools will be modelled over the following cycle:

In the process of modelling this process, the resource materials will also have to be cycled. That is through
the following gradation:

Levels of tools from abstract to concrete

Peirce Conceptual Design Tools

Document Manipulation Tools

Ontology and Concept Systems

Editors (CG and FCA)

CG Environments and Systems