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Welcome to ACCORD

The Academic Community for Coordinating On-line Resource Development

We seek promising technology and development partnerships

ACCORD views the current conditions of technological maturity and the need for high-quality academic resources as complementary, giving industry and academe the basis for collaboration to benefit those who develop technology and its application products, those who create resources from academically valuable content, and those who need effectively designed applications and appropriately selected content in a wide range of academic pursuits. The internet and World Wide Web provide the rudimentary medium of communication that makes such collaboration possible, and ACCORD is creating a virtual operational context for research, development, and testing that can respond to the many circumstances--technical, economic, and social--that, together, must be taken into account.

ACCORD's purpose is to locate and keep track of academic projects that are planning or conducting digital resource development, to support the sharing of expertise and experience among projects, to identify their common requirements and document their unique requirements--and to represent these needs effectively to digital systems and applications developers in order to promote more effective technology development in support of academic resource development.

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