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The International Conferences on Conceptual Structures (ICCS) have been held annually in Europe, Australia, and North America since 1993. Associated with these conferences have been several workshops on the tools that work over conceptual structures.

From 1993 to 2005, the tools workshops were mainly interested in Conceptual Graphs tools with the most successful workshop being the CGTools Workshop associated with ICCS2001 at Stanford. This workshop produced the first on-line proceedings and developed a standard form of CGIF for CGTools which was benchmarked against.

Conceptual Structures Tools Interoperability Workshops, CSTIW

Starting in 2006 these workshops were expanded to include all Conceptual Structures tools and created a focus on interoperability.

Proceedings of CS-TIW 2009.

Proceedings of CS-TIW 2008.

Proceedings of CS-TIW 2007.

Proceedings of CS-TIW 2006.


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CS-TIW Chairs

2009 Madalina Croitoru,
         Jérôme Fortin
         Robert Jäschke

2008 Madalina Croitoru,
         Robert Jäschke
         Sebastian Rudolph

2007 Heather D. Pfeiffer,
         Adil Kabbaj
         David Benn

2006 Aldo de Moor,
         Simon Polovina,
         Harry Delugach


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